Renewable Energy


Our significant planning expertise combined with our energy and infrastructure project experience has helped to ensure that RPS is recognised as on the leading global consultancies in the renewables industry.

RPS carries out feasibility studies for our clients to ascertain where renewable energy solutions can be implemented to promote energy conservation and reduce costs. We have advised on national energy policy and economics including the possible conversion to bio energy from agricultural residues, growth in bio-diesel crops and other renewable fuels.

RPS plays a leading role in the development of renewable energy schemes throughout Ireland and has in-depth experience of the conversion technologies associated with the key categories of fuel used by biomass facilities: clean/waste and wood; energy crops; agricultural residues; food waste; industrial process waste. Our understanding of the marketplace and involvement in all aspects of planning and development brings a unique insight into the requirements for producing fundable, buildable designs and gaining consents. Our teams offer a comprehensive list of services covering the entire project lifecycle from which clients can choose, or take as a combined approach, potentially bringing significant time and cost saving benefits.

Case Studies

Biomass Processing Challenge Fund

Biomass Processing Challenge Fund Biomass Processing Challenge Fund

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD)

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) Northern Ireland launched Tranche 1 of their Biomass Processing Challenge Fund (BPCF) in 2010 and Tranche 2 in 2012.

This Fund provides financial support for the purchase of a range of technologies that improve business efficiency and environmental sustainability at farm/forestry level, utilising cost effective and sustainable methods of processing agricultural wastes and other appropriate biomass material to generate renewable electricity and heat to primarily aid agricultural activities at farm level.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) appointed RPS as a Technical Agent to assist with the management and administration of the BPCF and the assessment and monitoring of projects applying to the BPCF for Trance 1 and Tranche 2.



Scottish Government, in partnership with Irish Government (DCENR), Northern Irish Executive (DETINI).

RPS led the international consultancy team for the Irish Scottish Links Energy Study (ISLES) on behalf of the Scottish, Ireland and Northern Ireland Governments.

The 18-month study examined the potential to connect wind, wave and tidal-energy sites located over a large geographical area and examined aspects such as planning, environment, technology, regulatory, finance and construction. The study found that a subsea grid connecting Scottish, Irish and Northern Irish offshore renewable sites is feasible.

The project has been awarded the 2010 European Structural Funds Best Practice Award for ‘Best Partnership’ working in the use of European Structural Funds.

Open Hydro Marine Turbine Device

Open Hydro Open Hydro

Open Hydro Group

RPS was part of the team that delivered various step change achievements for Openhydro and for the tidal energy industry.

RPS has designed three gravity base structures for Openhydro's 6m, 10m and 16m diameter 1MW turbines. RPS has also been involved in the development of Openhydro's innovative deployment and retrieval methods including design of specialist lifting frames and input into the design of Openhydro's deployment barge "Installer". The 6m base was deployed in EMEC in 2007 and the 10m in Bay of Fundy, Canada in 2009. The latest gravity base and 16m turbine was deployed in French waters in 2011.

RPS has also conducted tidal turbine productivity calculations, provided naval architecture advice and procurement services, compiled contract documents, supervised fabrication and undertaken wave and tidal modelling for Openhydro studies.

Renewable Energy Strategies

Methodology for Renewable Energy Strategies Methodology for Renewable Energy Strategies


RPS was appointed by the SEAI to prepare the Methodology for Local Authority Renewable Energy Strategies in a response to consultation and requests at regional wind workshops.

RPS compiled the methodology, incorporating aspects from energy technologies and project types, energy policy, planning legislation and relevant data sources and consultation bodies. The initial project scope comprised a review of several aspects of national, European and broader international renewable energy legislative frameworks, policies and strategies. Further works entailed the identification of relevant renewable energy technologies and supporting infrastructure along with discussing the resource potential and relevant national sources of resource information.

Wind Industry Due Diligence

BGE Acquisition of SWS Natural Resources BGE Acquisition of SWS Natural Resources

Bord Gáis Éireann (BGE)

RPS successfully advised the Bord Gáis Éireann (BGE) Investments Division in the €500 million acquisition of SWS Natural Resources, a 500MW portfolio of wind energy projects across Ireland and Northern Ireland in late 2009 (Project Barley).

SWS Natural Resources is the second largest wind generating company in the Republic with over 200MW of existing wind farm developments and over 300MW in planning. The acquisition was the third largest corporate acquisition in the Republic of Ireland during 2009.

RPS were retained by BGE to conduct environmental, planning, civil\structural and geotechnical due diligence of the entire portfolio of seven operating sites, six construction projects and 17 projects at planning and pre-planning stages. RPS was able to deploy multidisciplinary teams across Ireland to assess the portfolio within a challenging eight week period and developed an innovative method to report the significant uncertainties surrounding the planning, environmental mitigation and geotechnical risks that were identified during the project.