Wind Energy Roadmap


Wind Energy Roadmap to 2050 Wind Energy Roadmap to 2050

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)


The Wind Energy Roadmap to 2050 was developed for the SEAI to inform energy policy and development in Ireland. The analysis encompasses both onshore and offshore wind and considers inhibitors and accelerators across a range of areas including policy, economics, technology pathways and environment.

Using the International Energy Agency approach, the Roadmap seeks to illustrate a potential pathway for wind energy development to 2050 which shows the potential within Ireland to capitalise on our abundant wind resources; create employment; and reduce our CO2 emissions and dependence on costly imported fossil fuels.

The Wind Energy Roadmap to 2050, delivered by RPS outlines the benefits and results of following this roadmap for Wind Deployment. The output of the study includes Investment, carbon abatement, deployment and employment outputs alongside an overall development scenario outlining the milestones and actions needed to optimise the use of our wind resource.