Arable Crop Trials


Arable Crop Trials Demonstrating Commercial Compost Use Arable Crop Trials Demonstrating Commercial Compost Use

Department of Environment, Community & Local Government

36-month project as part of rx3 organics programme

Crop demonstration trials have been a feature of compost marketing in countries that have successfully introduced widespread source segregation, separate collection and composting of organic wastes and this information is widely published. Similar projects are required in Ireland to demonstrate the benefits of compost use to farmers. Therefore, the rx3 programme, managed by RPS for the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, commissioned a 36-month project demonstrating market potential and quantifying technical, environmental, and financial aspects of the approach, to aid adoption of best practice in Ireland and increase agricultural use of compost.

Five farms were selected, each growing either spring barley or winter wheat or grass silage, to trial and demonstrate use of high quality food waste derived compost and digestate against use of slurry and inorganic fertiliser in a commercial farming environment. Second year preliminary results indicate a range of beneficial effects and practical learnings.