Gasworks Site Remediation


Gasworks Site Remediation Gasworks Site Remediation

Bord Gáis Networks

RPS was commissioned to provide project management and technical services relating to the remediation of a decommissioned gasworks site in Limerick City.

Historically gas was produced at the 1.4ha Dock Road Gasworks site using a coal gas process from the 1830’s until 1974. This manufacturing process produced a number of by-products including coal tar that was stored in underground tanks and subsequently resulted in contamination of the soils on the site. The proposed remediation of the site will employ Pump & Treat followed by Soil Stabilisation techniques.

RPS is currently acting as BGN Project Manager through the EPA Waste Licence and Planning Phase of this Project and will be Employer’s Representative once the project commences on site in 2013. RPS technical specialists have also provided expert Planning, Transportation and Structural Engineering advice to Bord Gáis on aspects of the remediation.