Scottish Government, in partnership with Irish Government (DCENR), Northern Irish Executive (DETINI).

RPS has extensive experience working in both the development and implementation of national energy policy, for clients such as the Department for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. We also provide strategic consultancy services to private and semi-state participants in the energy industry on how to anticipate and respond to policy and regulatory change.

Policy surrounding the energy sector is complex and evolving rapidly. RPS continuously updates our understanding of upcoming policies and regulatory changes and their implications on our clients. RPS advises on national energy policy, regulation, safety, environment and economics. We are involved in strategic studies for offshore and onshore renewable energy, including clean and efficient combined heat and power (CHP), as well as district heating from waste and other bio-fuels.

Our services include:

Energy management plans

Renewable energy including wind and wave power

Unconventional energy and carbon reduction

Energy production and supply infrastructure including pipelines, cables and interconnectors

Energy auditing

District heating / CHP

The political, economic, regulatory, technological and communications framework within which energy projects are developed is in a continual state of change. Our delivery of the Irish Scottish Links on Energy Study; National and Regional Bio-energy Studies and Wind Energy Roadmap for Ireland; alongside ongoing strategic advisory to industry, gives us unparalleled insights into this changing framework. This allows us to consistently advise our clients on the best pathways to deliver increasingly more challenging and complex projects.