RPS has over 25 years experience of the energy business in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

RPS is the largest multi-disciplinary consultancy in Ireland and is working with EirGrid, Northern Ireland Electricity and SONI on delivering the North South Interconnector. We have also worked for ESB / EirGrid on the Donegal Reinforcement 110kv line in 2009 and are currently providing planning, engineering, environmental and communications consultancy services for EirGrid’s Grid Link Electricity Transmission project.

The reinforcement of Ireland’s electricity grid to facilitate achieving 40% renewable energy by 2020 is one of the largest co-ordinated engineering projects ever to be executed in the country. RPS planners, engineers, modellers, environmental consultants and communications specialists are playing a significant role in the delivery of this infrastructure.

Our services include:

Project management and risk consultancy

Contract management and construction supervision

Planning consultancy

Environmental assessment and environmental construction supervision

Health and safety management

Mechanical and electrical engineering

Project and stakeholder communications

Transmission Line Routing

Case Studies



Scottish Government, in partnership with Irish Government (DCENR), Northern Irish Executive (DETINI).

RPS led the international consultancy team for the Irish Scottish Links Energy Study (ISLES) on behalf of the Scottish, Ireland and Northern Ireland Governments.

The 18-month study examined the potential to connect wind, wave and tidal-energy sites located over a large geographical area and examined aspects such as planning, environment, technology, regulatory, finance and construction. The study found that a subsea grid connecting Scottish, Irish and Northern Irish offshore renewable sites is feasible.

The project has been awarded the 2010 European Structural Funds Best Practice Award for ‘Best Partnership’ working in the use of European Structural Funds.

NIE Major Transmission Projects

NIE Major Transmission Projects NIE Major Transmission Projects

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE)


In September 2009, RPS won the contract for the provision of a sole consultancy service for environmental matters associated with pre and post planning applications for the design and construction of major transmission projects, including the facilitation of windfarm grid connections.

The types of project include:

Transmission overhead lines (400kV, 275kV and 110kV)

New transmission substations

Extensions to existing transmission substations

33kV line builds (archaeological / ecological assessments)

New underground transmission cable installations

Route feasibility studies

Route selection studies

For one of the project appointments under this contract, RPS was commissioned to complete the preliminary route corridor selection and assessment stage of the Tamnamore to Omagh Mains 110kV project, to develop a new 110kV line and a new substation between Dungannon and Omagh. The overall length of the line is approximately 55km.

RPS subsequently subjected the new 110kV project to full EIA to accompany a planning application in early 2011. RPS is providing all environmental services necessary for the completion of this project.

Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP) – North West Region

Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP) – North West Region

EirGrid, Northern Ireland Electricity & SONI


RPS, in association with its sub-consultants TNEI and Babcock Networks, were appointed in January 2009 to undertake Phase 2 of the Renewable Integration Development Project (RIDP) on behalf of Eirgrid, Northern Ireland and SONI who operate the system in Northern Ireland.

The primary objective of the RIDP is to facilitate the timely connection of renewable generation in the northern part of the island of Ireland, in accordance with relevant European Directives and in support of renewable energy targets set by the governments of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The RIDP has been split into a series of Phases that will lead to a string of build projects sometime in the future.

The primary objective of Phase 2 of the RIDP was to recommend transmission reinforcement scheme options which will be subject to further consideration in the next Phases of the RIDP. All of the considered scheme options were based on an “all island” approach, involving the coordinated development of transmission infrastructure in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in order to maximise opportunities for system optimisation.

Strategic transmission development options have been identified for the period 2012- 2020 allowing for possible further renewable generation beyond 2020 to accommodate the anticipated levels of renewable generation (primarily wind generation) in the north west of Northern Ireland and in county Donegal (collectively the "northwest"). Previous studies, the All-Island Grid Study and the Phase 1 studies, constituted the preceding steps in considering the future transmission system.

RPS as the lead consultant on this project was responsible for the Project Management, Environmental Study and overall delivery of the project.