Energy Infrastructure

RPS provides strategic advice and expert technical services to achieve the best outcomes for linear infrastructure projects in transport, utilities, community and social infrastructure, energy and resources and defence sectors.

As a leading supplier of surveying, design, cultural heritage and environmental management services to the public and private sector, RPS has a strong track record and the capability to provide services to all project phases.

Our diverse team of experts comprises urban designers, planners, surveyors, landscape architects, project managers and specialists in environmental assessment and management, cultural heritage and climate change.

Our strong focus on sustainability is incorporated into the way we work and is an integral part of our project outcomes.

A key part of what RPS can offer in undertaking linear infrastructure projects is the expert use of both High Definition LiDAR and traditional Aerial Photography services.

The two techniques are complementary and represent a major innovation in the level of detail and accuracy attainable.

RPS’ high definition LiDAR can:

Map terrain in great detail at accuracies approaching ground survey

Capture detailed infrastructure such as 1 cm power lines

Penetrate thick vegetation

Model the shape, height and density of vegetation

Simultaneously capture digital aerial photography

These techniques are well-matched to linear infrastructure projects, providing high accuracy coupled with rapid screening and the creation of a digital database for the project.


Alun Williams
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