Energy Infrastructure

RPS has extensive knowledge and expertise in assisting clients with the appropriate selection and design of Energy Infrastructure systems. At the heart of every infrastructure scheme is the Energy Centre which contains an energy and carbon efficient mix of plant so as to best fit the needs of the site to which it is serving.

RPS is able to assist in the selection and design of this equipment which may take many forms; including CHP, boilers including biomass, energy to waste, controls, fuel storage, thermal storage or in the case where tri generation is required chiller plant.

Having established an energy and carbon efficient energy centre careful selection and specification of the district heating and cooling system is required. RPS’ experience in striking the right balance between temperature, pipe layout and selection and the appropriate pump/flow control allows the district heating system to perform at its optimal level.

Our experience includes the delivery of projects in the following areas:

Conventional and fluidised bed combustion

Anaerobic digestion (agricultural and industrial)

Landfill gas utilization

Solid and liquid biofuel development

MBT and refuse derived fuels technologies

Agricultural residue utilization studies

Technology development consultancy

Project finance, procurement and lifecycle analysis

Economic, technical and environmental project reviews


Andy Young
Commercial Director
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