River Engineering

A wide range of engineering expertise is required to implement projects affecting rivers and watercourses; challenges involving water quality, ecological protection, flood risk and catchment management require an integrated approach to delivery.

River engineering projects must consider design and construction which not only meets the challenges in relation to flood risk and other hydraulic objectives but which also ensures that impact to habitats, drinking water sources and downstream communities are managed. With teams of ecologists, hydrologists, civil and structural engineering professionals working side by side throughout the UK and Ireland, RPS is well placed to not only mitigate the various risks but to also realise co-benefits and synergies which can be achieved through such an approach.

More and more projects require the use of natural flood management and sustainability based approaches rather than in-channel works and RPS is at the forefront of the development of expertise in these areas.

Key Contacts

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson   |   Director   |   Send Email

Andrew leads a team of engineers, modellers and environmental professionals in Belfast, delivering engineering projects within the fluvial environment. These projects range from traditional hard defence flood protection schemes to soft engineered environmental protection schemes. Andrew has over 17 years’ experience in design and construction management of river engineering schemes.

Malcolm Brian

Malcolm Brian   |   Technical Director   |   Send Email

Malcolm has over 28 years’ experience in computational modelling of fluvial processes, river engineering and outfall design. He is responsible for the day to day supervision of a team delivering river engineering projects. Malcolm’s wide ranging experience also includes the preparation of economic and environmental appraisals for fluvial design projects.

Frances Carragher

Frances Carragher   |   Senior Engineer   |   Send Email

Frances is a civil engineer with 11 years’ experience in the management and implementation of flood risk management projects, feasibility studies, economic assessments, and river infrastructure design. Frances has been involved in river engineering projects for the public and private sector in Scotland and Ireland.