Occupational Health

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset; providing Occupational Health services is therefore an integral part of a company’s commitment to its workforce.

The hazards and risk profiles for each company vary greatly; Occupational Health solutions must therefore be bespoke. Working in partnership with organisations of all sizes, we aim to deliver a flexible range of proactive, forward thinking and cost effective services designed to meet the needs of modern businesses.

RPS is a leading provider of Occupational Health services, delivering extensive services to over 600 clients throughout the UK and Ireland since 1996. We are highly experienced in providing tailored Occupational Health solutions and can support you to make sure you are both protecting your employees and getting the best out of your most valuable resource. Services are either delivered onsite, in our mobile screening units, or from a national network of clinics.

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Key Contacts

Dr Ray Quinlan

Dr Ray Quinlan   |   Medical Director   |   Send Email

Dr. R.M. Quinlan (BSc, MB, FRCP, FFOM, CMIOSH) leads the team of RPS Occupational Physicians. Dr Quinlan has over 20 years’ Occupational Health experience within a variety of sectors. This experience includes a thorough understanding of all sector specific medical requirements and delivery of complex service provision.

Caroline Pearson

Caroline Pearson   |   Customer Service Director   |   Send Email

Caroline has over 25 years’ experience working within Account Management, Sales and Marketing and Customer Service. With over 16 years working within Occupational Health, Caroline has developed a wealth of knowledge that helps ensure positive customer experience remains the focal point of service delivery.

Fay White

Fay White   |   Operational Manager   |   Send Email

Fay has over 15 years’ experience of nursing, with 9 years in the Occupational Health speciality. Familiar with working environments of both public and private sector clients, Fay has acted as an advisor to a wide range of companies including construction industry, utilities sector, rail industry, and government agencies. Fay has considerable experience in workplace needs analysis and implementing new Occupational Health services.

Key Services

Absence Management / Pre Placement Assessments

The role of Occupational Health is to provide employers with an independent view on the employee’s health status and their ability to perform their role. Effectively managing absence and illness can significantly reduce your overall costs as well as improve employee productivity and morale. 

RPS can provide access to qualified and competent professionals to assist your organisation in managing absence and illness and facilitating an early and sustainable return to work whilst promoting health and wellbeing. Reasons for management referrals can include:

Health problems which may be work related

Work issues that may impact on the health of the worker

Services can cover both existing and potential new staff. Based on your organisation’s risk assessment and the requirements of the job role, pre-placement assessments can be conducted by RPS in compliance with the Equality Act, helping to ensure robust and long lasting recruitment.

Health & Wellbeing

RPS can work with you to develop a tailored programme of Health & Well-being Assessments and health promotion events. Individual or group proactive education events or structured wellbeing programmes to suit your needs can be delivered on site by our Occupational Health clinicians and Wellbeing Advisors.

Services include:

Health & Wellbeing Assessments

Individual health assessments (45 minute consultation)

Individual health check (15 minute check)

Health promotion events

Targeted group health promotion activities

Tool box talks to employees on selected health matters

Health related courses and seminars e.g. sun awareness, cancer prevention, work / life balance, stress awareness and stress management

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance allows for the early identification of ill health and helps to identify any corrective action needed.

Health surveillance is a collective term to describe a variety of procedures and may be required by law if your employees are exposed to noise or vibration, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air.

As the employer it is your role and legal duty to ensure the health of your workforce in relation to any risk or exposure they encounter at work. RPS has significant experience in putting together health surveillance programmes and as your occupational health provider we will be able to help you prioritise and make decisions.

Health surveillance provision may include:

Lung Function


Skin Check

HAV screening

Fitness for Work Assessments and Statutory Medicals

RPS can ensure that employees are fit for job tasks based on specific industry standards. We support our clients in achieving compliance, to reduce work-related risk and illness whilst minimising potential for litigation.

Fitness for Work Assessments

RPS provides fitness for work assessments to assess employee fitness to undertake specific work tasks that may be safety critical. Standards for fitness for work medicals are often industry specific and our Occupational Health doctors and nurses are familiar and experienced in a wide range of industries and occupations.

Statutory Medicals

Some regulations require employees undertaking certain work activities with specified hazards to have suitable medicals (e.g. lead, asbestos). Medicals Trustees of Pension Schemes must ensure they have access to professional medical expertise from an Occupational Physician for independent advice on ill health matters.

Mobile Testing

RPS Occupational Health mobile screening units provide a flexible mechanism for delivering tailored health surveillance and screening programmes directly to clients. The mobile units are ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), larger organisations and companies that have a number of sites or remote operations.

Our fully equipped mobile units are managed by experienced Occupational Health Technicians, supported by Occupational Health Nurses and Physicians who provide a report after every health surveillance programme. Reports deliver relevant advice along with information which allows the employer to meet their obligations. Each programme is tailored to the individual organisation to ensure compliance with statutory legislation.

Dedicated Mobile Screening teams work with organisations throughout the health surveillance process to ensure all onsite visits run as effectively and efficiently as possible and deliver a cost effective service. 

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol testing can be used to support clients who have a drug and alcohol policy requiring internal compliance and to aid accident investigation and management. Ensuring employees are capable and fit for safety critical work reduces the risk of accidents, litigation and absence.

RPS provides a full service solution to help mitigate the effects and risk of drugs and alcohol use and misuse on your business. These include:

Consultancy - the development of a drug and alcohol policy

Education - employee briefing and training for managers to help identify employees with problems

Screening - for drug and alcohol abuse including pre-placement, random and “for-cause” screening

Rehabilitation - support, treatment and rehabilitation for employees in need

RPS has both the skill and capability to support any positive results by providing advice to assist with rehabilitation, along with the laboratory capability to undertake all analysis and confirmatory testing.  

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