Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Geographical information systems (GIS) are used for mapping and analysing anything that can be related to locations on the earth’s surface. They combine database management facilities with tools for visualisation, 3D spatial analysis and acquisition of geographical data. GIS and CAD software is a vital component in the planning process and helps to visualise, analyse and understand the vast quantities of data that are collected to support informed decision making throughout the life cycle of a project.

RPS offers state of the art GIS capabilities that are utilised in planning; risk mapping and multi-criteria evaluation; natural resource management; 3D visualisation and inter-visibility analysis; site/route selection employing catchment area and demographic analysis; and GIS system development and customisation.

Key Contacts

Gareth Gardener

Gareth Gardener   |   Principal Consultant   |   Send Email

Gareth is a chartered Minerals and Waste Surveyor with 12 years’ experience in the waste, minerals and energy sector. He specialises in site finding, site review and alternative site search appraisals using the latest GIS software.

Russell Jordan

Russell Jordan   |   Senior GIS Consultant   |   Send Email

Russell is a skilled GIS professional with experience of undertaking GIS analysis, 3D data conversion, managing databases and creating cartographic outputs for environmental projects ranging from small scale developments to regional and national assessments. Russell also provides GIS and CAD mentoring, data management best practice guidance and software training to both colleagues and clients where required. Russell has been industry-recognised as a Chartered Geographer specialising in GIS by the Royal Geographic Society.

Matthew Snape

Matthew Snape   |   Senior Consultant   |   Send Email

Matthew is a GIS specialist with nine years’ experience. He is extremely knowledgeable on data sets throughout the UK. Areas of expertise include spatial information capture, analysis, management and map production.