Land Surveys

Detailed and accurate surveys are crucial ahead of most major projects. RPS provides all aspects of surveying, data collection, processing using the best available technology and professional training.

We hold significant surveying experience in all business sectors and environments including defence, utilities, energy, water, transport, commercial property, education, environmental and construction.

RPS is a member of the industry body (TSA) and holds RICS and InstCES accreditations.

Survey capability includes:

Land and Structures/Buildings: RPS provides highly trained and well equipped professional staff to undertake conventional topographical surveys, 3D laser scanning (static and mobile/LIDAR), building surveys and asset positioning.

Reservoirs, Rivers and Watercourses: provision of detailed bathymetric studies of water bodies and watercourses using both traditional methods and unmanned autonomous craft.

Overland Route Surveys: linear projects: pipeline, road and rail corridor route surveying across all terrain types.

Utility Location and Mapping: utility location and mapping services provide comprehensive plans of verified utility positions and depths using all techniques and equipment types including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Ground and sub-surface structure: RPS has extensive experience in ground and sub-surface structure investigation using GPR and other recognised specialist techniques to identify ground obstructions and buried plant or structures.

Key Contacts

Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman   |   Surveying Director  |   Send Email

Paul is an accomplished engineer and manager with considerable experience in all aspects of surveying, operational and capital delivery support.

Stephen Postians

Stephen Postians   |   Operations Manager  |   Send Email

Stephen has been in the surveying industry for over 20 years. During this time, survey and data processing technology has changed dramatically and Stephen has implemented state of the art equipment, data capture and workflow systems into the business. Over the last 8 years Stephen has overseen the development and growth of the geomatics department, securing strategic long term framework agreements and ensuring that the geomatics department maintains its professional expertise and membership of The Survey Association (TSA).