Decentralised Energy

The UK energy sector is currently undergoing a rapid change as the government seeks to upgrade our energy system to one of the most efficient and productive systems in the world to deliver secure, affordable and clean energy. Renewable energy plays a key role in this, however by their nature these sources of energy can be intermittent and contribute to fluctuations in grid load and frequency. There is therefore a growing need to deliver new decentralised technologies that can respond quickly to balance generation and load in the system.

RPS has undertaken thorough UK wide site selection exercises, and subsequently secured planning consents for a range of clients developing new decentralised smart technologies; such as battery storage and gas-powered peaking plants. Such development proposals often have to adapt quickly to changing revenue streams and markets. RPS provides clear and deliverable strategies to secure timely consents.

Key Contacts

Christopher LeCointe

Christopher LeCointe   |   Operational Director   |   Send Email

Christopher is an Operational Director and has extensive experience in leading interdisciplinary development proposals, specialising in the energy and waste sectors. Many of these developments have required Environmental Assessment under the Planning Acts or Electricity Act where Christopher has gained in-depth and practical experience of several Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Simon Gamage

Simon Gamage   |   Planning Director   |   Send Email

Simon is a senior member of the RPS planning and EIA team, responsible for providing town and country planning, consents and environmental advice on major energy and infrastructure related developments on behalf of private landowner and developer clients. To date, Simon has helped deliver consents for renewable energy developments in the UK collectively exceeding 3GW of generation capacity.

Richard Turner

Richard Turner   |   Principal Planner   |   Send Email

Richard is a Principal Planner who has spent the last five years working on infrastructure and energy projects with a focus on site identification & selection, community engagement and planning applications. Richard is part of National Grid’s Energy Storage Working Group, and has project managed the planning consents on decentralised energy portfolios for a number of key energy clients.