Severn Trent Water

Our sewerage modelling and sewerage management planning framework for Severn Trent Water (STW) focuses on model build and verification using: InfoWorks ICM and InfoNet; model maintenance; defining model and data confidence; understanding and prioritising catchment risks and developing risk based interventions as part of long term drainage plans. RPS also delivers short term tactical responses to assist different areas of the STW business, including Service Delivery, Asset Creation, Planning and Performance, Asset Protection and external stakeholders (Lead Local Flood Authorities, Local Authorities).

RPS monitor and manage 39 SMP catchments including Derby (population 350,000) and Minworth (population 1,000,000), as part of our Catchment Planner role. Through this role, we determine the model upgrades required to ensure the model is fit for purpose to analyse system performance and undertake risk assessments in high risk flooding and pollution areas. We have developed outline solutions for high risk sites as well as well as catchment strategies comprising different levels of notional and concept solutions. The project has included significant model verification against flow survey as well as localised model upgrades to support capital flooding schemes, and extensive stakeholder engagement / support activities including engagement to understand integrated flooding mechanisms and the impact of asset abandonments in Birmingham. Furthermore, the project has enabled us to assist STW Planning and Performance with PR14 and PR19 business planning and the development of maintenance and blockage reduction strategies for service delivery.

We have assisted STW in further developing the risk based SMP specifications, focusing on least cost wastewater plans to produce live, pro-active and re-active strategies to support the whole business in line with business goals, strategies, legislation such as WFD and UWWTD and the move to TOTEX, outcomes and ODIs.