Renewable Energy - What We Provide

RPS Energy has worked in almost every petroleum basin in the world, undertaking projects ranging from niche specialist work to large multi-disciplinary E&P studies. This mix of experience and expertise comes from a highly-experienced staff and associates, comprising a wide range of surface and sub-surface disciplines.

Project Development & Planning

RPS offers a wide range of services to support our clients in the project development and planning of offshore wind farms. These include identifying offshore development sites, landfall locations, onshore cable routes and onshore infrastructure sites, collection of baseline information, environmental scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), environmental appraisal, stakeholder management, Appropriate Assessment and consents management.

RPS offer specialist services to aid in project development and planning including the following disciplines:

Consents acquisition and management

Project management & QC of surveys

EIA co-ordination

Appropriate Assessment

Coastal processes

Geophysics and geotechnics

Marine benthic ecology

Marine mammal ecology


Fisheries ecology

Unexploded ordnance

Underwater & onshore noise

Seascape/landscape assessment

Photomontages and zones of visual influence (ZVI)

Commercial fisheries assessments

Onshore ecology

Phase I habitat surveys


Onshore and offshore archaeology

Soils & agriculture

Traffic assessments


Flood risk & coastal defences

Construction Support

RPS can provide either individual project managers or project teams that work within the clients allocated offices. Our personnel are chosen specifically to meet the client’s needs and to supplement their own staff requirements. RPS staff have a thorough working knowledge of the offshore industry with expertise in:

Development and issue of ITT’s to survey contractors;

Review of tenders;

Project management support;

Marine coordination;

Provision of HSE personnel;

HSE audits and safety systems;

Offshore supervision during installation;

Environmental & consents management;

Geodetic support; and

Post installation inspections

Survey Management

RPS can provide effective survey project management throughout all phases of an offshore wind farm project. Specific services covered by this survey management element include;

Preparation of survey specifications;

Compiling and handling the tender process for contractors;

Site operations HSE/QA;

QC of the data acquisition and survey reporting;

Compilation and refinement of desk-studies;

Final interpretation of design parameters and site investigation reports;

Client and HSE representation.

Specifically, RPS provides survey management services in the following areas:

Geotechnical/Geophysical Services

Marine Mammals

Marine Ecology and Fisheries


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