RPS Energy has worked in almost every petroleum basin in the world, undertaking projects ranging from niche specialist work to large multi-disciplinary E&P studies. This mix of experience and expertise comes from a highly-experienced staff and associates, comprising a wide range of surface and sub-surface disciplines.

RPS maintains a team of very experienced specialists engaged in formation evaluation which is integral to all exploration, development and reservoir characterisation projects.

RPS petrophysicists work closely with their geoscientist and engineering colleagues to assure that log derived rock properties are appropriate for static and dynamic models. Specialised training provides RPS petrophysicists with skills for interpreting data from all logging tools. This training also emphasises the distinction between log analysis, for deriving simple rock properties, and petrophysics for expanding the value of logging data and dealing with the uncertainty inherent in the acquisition process.

RPS petrophysicists apply this distinction to help guide our clients into designing the correct project for their asset.

What we provide

Log interpretation using computerised techniques to derive rock properties from logging data

Integration and modelling of core data to create benchmarks for validating results and reducing uncertainty

Specialised skills for developing predictive, electrofacies models constrained to sedimentological descriptions

Specialised skill for developing linear and non-linear, predictive permeability models

Strong experience for conditioning log data for seismic studies



Ben Lowden
Senior Petrophysicist
T: +44 (0) 20 7648 4950

USA and Canada
Andy Kirchin
Senior Vice President Consulting, Houston
T: +1 (281) 448 6188

Australia Asia Pacific
Joseph Tan
Regional General Manager
M: +65 9836 8282