Geology & Geophysics

RPS Energy has worked in almost every petroleum basin in the world, undertaking projects ranging from niche specialist work to large multi-disciplinary E&P studies. This mix of experience and expertise comes from a highly-experienced staff and associates, comprising a wide range of surface and sub-surface disciplines.

RPS offers a wide range of sub-surface expertise and experience that can be applied at any point in the life of an asset, from exploration to production. Our geoscientists include geophysicists and geologists; plus specialists in petrophysics, sedimentology and biostratigraphy.

This expertise can be delivered either by an individual specialist or by an integrated team, and this provides our clients with a level of support for both integrated and specialist projects that is second to none. Many of our staff have worked within operating oil companies and have the technical and commercial overview to ensure that projects are properly resourced and deliverables provided on time, whilst others are dedicated experts in their chosen field.

What we provide

Seismic interpretation

Rock physics

Integrated basin studies

Stratigraphic and structural studies

Geological basin modelling (regional correlations and sedimentological models)

Thermal basin modelling

Prospect mapping and evaluation focusing on risk and uncertainty

Petrophysics (integration of core and well log data, structural analysis and modelling



UK / Europe
Gordon Taylor
Director, Subsurface
T: +44 (0) 1483 746 500

Jim Brown
Head of Geology
T: +44 (0) 207 6484950

Andy Kirchin
Senior Vice President Consulting, Houston
T: +1 (281) 448 6188

Ron Larson
Senior VP - Consulting
T: +1 (403) 265 7226

Australia Asia Pacific
Joseph Tan
Regional General Manager
M: +65 9836 8282