Cost effective operations are the key to successful energy projects, in both oil and gas and renewables. RPS Energy has been instrumental in providing project management and technical support as well as expert quality control for seismic surveys, site investigation, well operations, positioning and infrastructure projects.

Survey & GIS

RPS is an acknowledged expert in the provision of offshore survey and associated GIS and database consultancy. Services have been provided to well over 80 companies and we have a team of more than 100 qualified and experienced personnel engaged in projects worldwide. RPS also provides GIS support via our dedicated GIS project databases and our in house geodetic expertise for project planning together with data integration from both previous work and enterprise datasets.

What we provide

Coordinating integrity and verification (geodesy) and forensic investigation

In-house GIS expertise

Positioning quality control services for drilling rigs/ships

Supervision of installations of production platforms, sub-sea structures, pipeline and telecommunication cable installation

Survey metrology and dimensional control

Mapping and geodetic support associated with the design, permitting and subsequent installation of onshore and offshore wind farms

Provision of technical consultancy, parameter selection and performance optimisation using all seabed survey mapping instrumentation, including multibeam and swathe bathymetry techniques, autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and back scatter (interferometric) sonar surveys



Europe and Africa
Karen Dalton
Technical Director
T: +44 (0) 1483 746 500

Tony LaPierre
Technical Director
T: +1 (281) 448 6188

Roger Edgecombe
Technical Director
T: +1 (403) 543-5365

Australia Asia Pacific
John Stanton
Executive General Manager
T: +61 8 9211 1111