Cost effective operations are the key to successful energy projects, in both oil and gas and renewables. RPS Energy has been instrumental in providing project management and technical support as well as expert quality control for seismic surveys, site investigation, well operations, positioning and infrastructure projects.

Safety Risk & Reliability Engineering

Safety Risk & Reliability Engineering

We have a highly experienced team, many of whom have had operational experience in a variety of industries ranging from on and offshore oil & gas, through process plants to nuclear. We aim to provide pragmatic and effective safety, risk and asset management solutions that enable companies to improve safety, increase efficiency and profitability and meet regulatory requirements. We support the entire life cycle from acquisition, through project development, into operations and subsequent abandonment.


Developing H&S Policy and Management Systems to meet national / international standards

Preparing, facilitating and implementing HAZID and HAZOP studies

Performing qualitative and quantitative risk assessments using event and fault trees. This can include, for example, emergency systems survivability studies, EER (evacuation, escape, and rescue) studies, Temporary Refuge (TR) endurance studies, etc

Carrying out SIL and LOPA studies

Performing reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) studies

Developing project and operational offshore safety cases

Developing onshore COMAH cases

Using the Bow Tie methodology to communicate risk studies to the workforce

Managing consequence analysis studies ( e.g. vapour cloud dispersion, fire and explosion analysis, smoke and gas ingress studies, etc)

Our ability to deliver fit for purpose risk solutions is supported by our wider HSE experience in for example: Management System development and implementation, Delivery of HSE Training to all levels of the workforce, Development of Emergency Response and Bridging documentation, Auditing and the Provision of an outsourced HSE and response function to clients


HSE Management Systems

Process Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering

HSE Due Diligence


RPS is an authorised supplier and distributor of BowTieXP software, training and product methodology (under license).

BowTieXP is a system that applies the latest concepts in risk management to the widely accepted and proven Bowtie methodology. Used by some of the largest companies in the world to qualitatively demonstrate risk, BowTieXP delivers more by visualising risk, and identifying how to manage risks as well as cause and effect relations within your organisation.

The output of the system models is a simple, graphical representation of the relationship between the causes and consequences of business upsets, the control measures in place and the tasks, procedures, responsible individuals and competencies which support and enforce the controls.

BowTieXP Training

BowTieXP diagrams can be printed in full colour, A1 size posters for use as training aids and a means of communicating HSE issues. As BowTieXP diagrams are easy to understand all members of the workforce can participate in the process.

The diagram below represents a simple Bow Tie diagram. The left side of the diagram shows the threats and the threat barriers (controls) in a form similar that of a fault tree. The right hand side shows the consequences and the recovery preparedness barriers (mitigation controls) similar to an event tree. The level of risk associated with each consequence can be assigned according to the organisation’s risk matrix. Using BowTieXP the barriers can be categorised by Basic Risk Factors (BRFs) / General Failure Types (GFTs) as described by James Reason and noted in the Australian Safety Case Guidelines. The barriers can be linked to specific sections or procedures of the organisation’s safety management system, can have responsibilities and inspection frequency assigned, and be ranked and colour coded for effectiveness.
Simple Bow Tie Diagram

The diagram below is a more complex BowTie with several escalation factors for the threats. The BowTie can also show escalation factors that can weaken the effectiveness of a barrier, and the controls required for each escalation factor.

Bow Tie with Escalation

BowTieXP can be used for all hazards an organisation may be exposed to, from major accident events through occupational and environmental risks, to business, IT and security risks, including:

Safety Case Development

Undertaking HAZID/ENVID Workshops

Maintaining a Hazard Register

In Support of the JHA/JSA Process

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