Unitisation, Redetermination & Expert Witness

We provide independent, technically-led advice and management support, using experienced consultants to work individually or with clients’ teams. Whether working on business process, specific assets or portfolios, we provide high-level support across the complete E&P value chain.

RPS Energy (incorporating Scott Pickford) is the most experienced unitisation and equity determination Expert consulting group in the world. We have been providing unitisation and equity redetermination services to the industry almost continuously since 1986 and have maintained a core team which has a proven track-record of working together in the often highly pressured environment of hydrocarbon ownership uncertainty dispute resolution.

RPS Energy’s experience in unitisation and equity redetermination related work is extensive and varied. We have on twenty occasions acted successfully as Expert within a wide variety of procedural styles from complete technical autonomy through to pendulum arbitration in both single and key-step referrals. In addition, we are frequently asked to provide Equity Support services - both technical and strategic advice - to companies preparing for field redeterminations and have provided Equity Support on eighteen major projects in Europe, Africa, Australia and South America over the last 28 years.

RPS Energy staff have also spoken as Expert Witnesses in the London High Courts and drafted Redetermination technical procedures and processes for inclusion in Unit Operating Agreements.

Our experience is not limited to the UK – we have now RPS has successfully completed projects in 14 different countries on 4 continents, providing testament to our ability to provide and implement Expert advice on industry best practice, and, evidence of experience of Equity negotiations on a global scale.


UK / Europe
Ian Linnett
Head, Equity
T: +44 (0) 20 7648 4950
E: linnetti@rpsgroup.com

North America
Andy Kirchin
Senior Vice President Consulting, Houston
T: +1 (281) 448 6188
E: kirchina@rpsgroup.com

Australia Asia Pacific
Joseph Tan
Regional General Manager
M: +65 9836 8282
E: joseph.tan@rpsgroup.com.sg