RPS Energy helps clients develop natural energy resources across the complete asset life cycle, combining our technical and commercial skill with a wide knowledge of environmental issues.

RPS Energy - Genesis Partnership

Transaction Support & Due Diligence - London

Since 2005 RPS has prepared Competent Person’s Reports (CPR) for numerous companies listing on the London (main list and AIM) and other stock exchanges. In 2011 we prepared CPRs for inclusion in the prospectus’ for the IPO of Glencore and Ophir who both floated on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.


Renewable Energy - Irish Sea

RPS has managed the environmental issues associated with the development of the Ormonde offshore wind farm. Ormonde is located 10 kilometres offshore from Barrow-in-Furness in the East Irish Sea. The project comprised 30 wind turbines located in an area 3 x 5 kilometres. Power is transferred to shore by a 42 kilometre cable. RPS was responsible for the preparation of the Development EIA, the scoping and management of the various environmental monitoring programmes required as part of the FEPA licence


Oil & Gas Exploration - East Africa

RPS has developed an integrated management plan and supporting procedures for both seismic and drilling campaigns for an onshore exploration campaign in northern Uganda. The plan ensured that all major tasks and interfaces were identified, scheduled, and assigned a responsible person. The integrated plans covered all operational activities, security, community liaison, safety and environment. RPS supported implementation of the integrated plans.


Land Seismic Oil & Gas - Kurdistan

RPS has provided a comprehensive range of supervisory services for a 2D seismic programme in Kurdistan. This was a combined vibroseis / dynamite survey in semi-mountainous terrain. RPS provided the following services – seismic QC, survey QC, shothole drilling QC, HSE and technical audit.


Drilling Safety Case - Western Australia Offshore

RPS has a particular expertise in the development of Safety Cases for mobile offshore drilling units (MODU). The Safety Cases are developed in a format that is readily accepted globally and in accordance with the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) guidelines.


Seismic Oil & Gas - Norway

4D Life of Field Surveys (LOFS) for Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) are becoming more common with rapid technology developments and growing acceptance of the technique. RPS has worked with a number of clients on these projects and in early 2011 supported an EAGE workshop on PRM in Trondheim, Norway.


Further Projects

Oceanographic measurement - Alaska

Over the past several years, RPS Evans-Hamilton has undertaken a major meteorological and oceanographic measurement programme in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas in Alaska in support of planning for future oil exploration programs. RPS has sourced, integrated, and supplied meteorological buoys, and wave and current measurement systems for this program, and conducted the installation, servicing, and recovery of the systems annually.

Wellsite Geology - Kurdistan

RPS has gained significant expertise in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, and is now at the forefront of drilling operations in the region, providing wellsite geological services to key operators actively engaged in exploration well projects.

Oil & Gas - Albania

RPS has assisted a client in the development and implementation of an Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) for its Albanian heavy oil field operations. The work was wide ranging and included: a HAZID of all operational activities; development of an HSSES Management system; development of emergency response plans; waste management; EIAs; soil and water monitoring; air quality monitoring and dispersion modeling; noise monitoring; contaminated land remediation; photographic survey geolocalised into panoramic records of before and after remediation.

Oil & Gas Field Development - West Africa

RPS is part of a project management team responsible for coordinating all aspects of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) associated with the world’s first FDPSO (Floating, Drilling, Production, Storage, and Offloading) project. This included HSSE support during country entry and exploration drilling, through field development which included permitting, design, construction, installation and commissioning of the facilities and onto preparation for field HSSE operations.

Biostratigraphy Study - Brazil

RPS has been awarded a three well biostratigraphy study in the offshore Santos basin. The project involves working with the local Federal University for sample preparation and utilizing RPS biostratigraphy personnel with experience gained from around the world.

Seismic Survey Project Support - Indonesia

RPS is involved in a major seismic acquisition project involving Ocean Bottom Cable, Transition Zone and Land Seismic acquisition methods in West Papua. RPS is providing Seismic Project Managers, Technical QC Consultants, Positioning Consultants and HSE Advisors, as well as Indonesian Nationals in roles such as Lead QC, Drilling QC, Bridging QC, Behavioral Based Safety Trainers, Permitting and Socialisation, Recording QC and Clerical personnel. RPS has undertaken to train the Indonesian Nationals in the required HSE disciplines and to build on their skills and experience by mentoring them throughout the project. This project is in a very remote location and in extremely difficult terrain, from shallow water through to thick jungle.

Seismic for Potash - Canada

The province of Saskatchewan is the largest source of potash supply in the world, and a major exporter of this important mineral to rapidly developing countries such as China and India. RPS has a unique set of experience and competencies in the acquisition, interpretation and assessment of seismic data for potash mine delineation and operational management purposes

Site Investigation & Survey - China

Between 2009 and 2011, RPS assisted in the planning, execution, management and quality control of various phases of geosurvey activities for the deepwater pipeline and subsea facilities for a field development, offshore China. RPS will now provide continual quality assurance support services during the pipeline construction and subsea facilities installation programme.

Land Seismic Oil & Gas - Uganda

RPS has a supervised various seismic projects in Uganda since 1998. These have included 2D and 3D land and shallow water programs. Challenges to be overcome have included remote access, security, permitting / stakeholder liaison, and the effect of near-surface volcanic formations on data quality.

Coal Seam Gas - Queensland

Exposure to numerous CSG projects on a worldwide basis has provided RPS with an excellent understanding of the design, operational and economic issues related to major CSG developments. In particular, RPS has a thorough understanding of the intricacies of CSG to LNG projects that are under development in Queensland Australia. This has required multi-disciplinary input from within RPS involving sub-surface skills, HSE assessment and audit, environmental approvals, water access and treatment assessment, etc.

Port Docking Systems - Bahamas

To assist in safe cruise ship operations, RPS Evans-Hamilton installed and maintains a meteorological station and a Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler at a cruise ship terminal in the Bahamas. The instruments provide wind and other standard meteorological parameters plus water currents in the area adjacent to the pier in real-time to both terminal personnel and arriving or departing ship captains.

Unexploded Ordnance - Eastern Europe

An international consortium involved in the development of a major East European gas pipeline has appointed RPS as consultants for unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk assessment. With many years of experience in the field of providing consulting services for Health, Safety, Environment & Security RPS will support the consortium in conducting a general risk assessment of possible land mines and UXO contamination along the whole pipeline route.

Promoting Inward Investment - Nova Scotia Offshore

RPS has designed and acted as project manager for a highly successful play fairway analysis project for the province of Nova Scotia. This project, performed for the OETR (Offshore Energy Technical Research Association) during 2010-11, has re-assessed and integrated the exploration data acquired over the last 40 years, and has re-defined the hydrocarbon resource potential for this important region.

Potash Exploration - Ethiopia

The Danakil Basin in Ethiopia, one of the hottest and driest places on earth, contains large potential resources of potash, a mineral which is much in demand as an agricultural fertilizer. While salt has been mined by local people in the Danakil for millennia, the potential for potash production mining has emerged more recently. RPS is assisting BHP with the project management of exploratory seismic acquisition to delineate this important resource.

Multimedia Project Management - Texas

Amid a regulatory and political climate favoring renewable energy and scrutinizing greenhouse gas emissions, the environmental team in Texas successfully assisted White Stallion Energy Center in obtaining an air quality permit to construct a 1230 megawatt solid-fuel power plant to be located outside of Houston, Texas. Once fully operational, the plant will provide electricity to approximately 650,000 homes.

Reservoir Engineering - Pakistan

RPS has undertaken a major study of the Sui Gas Field in Pakistan, developing static and dynamic models as a basis for further development of this major asset.

Oil & Gas - Greenland

RPS has worked extensively offshore Greenland to permit, plan, scope, manage and QC offshore 2D, 3D seismic and site surveys. The projects were fast tracked and this, along with the difficult environmental conditions required careful planning and project management in order to ensure that drilling rigs were not delayed in the short arctic summer season.

Corrective Action Boulder - Colorado

RPS was contracted to manage a large-scale environmental remediation project at a Colorado facility. Our role included regulatory advice, contractor oversight, and assistance in negotiating with various government agencies. The final corrective measures plan reduced the cost of cleanup by approximately one million dollars.

Site Investigation - Philippines

RPS has provided clients with a large range of services including project management and QC of 2D and 3D exploration seismic, site serveys and geotechnical investigations. Recently, RPS has been working closely with a client's exploration and development team to create a regional geohazard assessment from exising 2D and 3D datasets in preparation for future drilling campaigns.

Wastewater - Permitting Virginia

RPS was selected to provide wastewater permitting assistance for the renewal application for a pharmaceutical facility’s wastewater permit. Services included review of the draft application, technical assistance in response to Virginia DEQ comments, and water quality modeling and other calculations to support the client’s application.

Environmental Study - NW Australia Offshore

RPS is providing environmental services for a major development project, located offshore NW Australia, in water depths of 1,000-2,000m. The project involves the installation of sub-sea infrastructure, tied back to an offshore platform for preliminary processing, with a subsea pipeline connecting to an offshore facility to process natural gas reserves from the offshore fields.

Drilling Rig Safety Cases - Gulf of Mexico

RPS has completed a series of risk management (Safety Case) reviews for a major drilling company’s cutting edge dynamically positioned drilling rigs. Four rigs, were subjected to rigorous HSE case reviews, risk management assessments and HSE MS status documentation following the accepted guidelines of the International Association of Drilling Contractors.

Wellsite Geology - Western Gulf Basin

RPS is providing wellsite geologists to clients who are drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale. RPS geologists play a key role in the efforts to “steer” the well so that it stays in the horizontal production zone, maximizing production and increasing production success.

Operations Support - North Sea

Since the early days of North Sea exploration RPS has worked with UKCS oil and gas operators providing a broad range of consultancy services for project management, site investigation, seismic survey, HSE management support, survey support, to their offshore exploration, construction, inspection, maintenance and production operations. In 2010 we undertook approximately 300 projects for over 80 clients in the region.

Countrywide Reserves Audit - Colombia

RPS was selected by the Colombian Hydrocarbon National Agency ANH (Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos) in 2011 to audit the 2010 Proved, Probable and Possible oil and gas reserves and resources submitted by all E&P companies operating in the country. This comprised more than 300 fields operated by some 35 companies.

Joint Operator Audit Program - Western Australia Offshore

RPS has been the provider of auditing services for the Joint Operator Audit Program (JOAP) for the past six years. The JOAP consists of up to 13 of the major oil and gas companies in Australia. RPS manages the program on behalf of the Operators, and audits drilling and completions contractor companies on their behalf.

Renewable Energy - North Sea

Over the period 2005 to 20011 RPS has provided environmental, consenting, planning, geotechnical and engineering support to numerous clients during the planning and construction phases of the UKCS Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 Offshore Wind Farm projects. To date RPS has been involved in over 100 such projects in the North Sea and adjacent waters in water depths ranging from 5m to in excess of 50 m.

Oil & Gas - Falkland Islands Oil & Gas

RPS has been working with several operators in assessing potential environmental impacts, liaising with interested parties and developing environmental management plans and waste management strategies as part of the drilling permitting process. RPS has assisted operators with their oil spill modelling / development and testing of their Oil Spill Contingency Plans and Emergency Management Plans.

Transaction Support & Due Diligence - London

Since 2005 RPS has prepared Competent Person’s Reports (CPR) for numerous companies listing on the London (main list and AIM) and other stock exchanges. In 2011 we prepared CPRs for inclusion in the prospectus’ for the IPO of Glencore and Ophir who both floated on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

Reserves Reporting in Eastern Europe

RPS has been involved in the evaluation and resource assessment of shale gas plays in Eastern Europe both for companies looking to acquire new licences and for formal resource reporting.

Seismic Oil & Gas - Norway

4D Life of Field Surveys (LOFS) for Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) are becoming more common with rapid technology developments and growing acceptance of the technique. RPS has worked with a number of clients on these projects and in early 2011 supported an EAGE workshop on PRM in Trondheim, Norway.

Promoting Inward Investment - West Africa

The monetisation of gas for one of our government clients in Africa would add great value for country and investor alike to a resource that could be stranded otherwise. The brief was to carry out a gas master planning exercise and, once approved, to develop commercial and project structures involving all stakeholders - upstream, midstream, downstream and government entities.

Downstream Consultancy - Switzerland

The recent volatile oil price environment and structural changes taking place in the downstream industry are presenting a number of challenges and opportunities for refiners and product marketers, particularly in Europe. RPS Downstream Consultancy Group is supporting various clients across Europe on refining asset acquisitions, margin improvement, trading options evaluation and fuels market entry studies.

Reservoir Engineering - Kuwait

Increasing the recovery of oil from the giant oil fields in the Middle East, even by a few percent, can add significant value. RPS Specialist Reservoir Engineering group has undertaken an extensive project to study the Wara Reservoir (Greater Burgan Field) and the Sabiriya Field Upper Burgan Reservoir, to identify the technical limits of recoverable oil through waterflood.

Reservoir Engineering - Georgia

RPS performed a technical evaluation of two onshore blocks in Georgia. RPS provided advisory services which included seismic interpretation, prospect identification, input to the resulting well programs for geological evaluation, wireline logging and well testing, and HSE advice. RPS also provided wellsite geologists for the drilling phase.

Oil & Gas - Middle East - UAE

RPS assisted a client in the United Arab Emirates with the implementation of HSEMS Guidelines. Phase 1 of the work involved thorough review of existing HSE systems, procedures and standards and preparation of a ‘needs assessment’ for a ‘client compliant’ HSE Management System. Phase 2 involved development of an HSEMS implementation manual which contained a detailed plan and implimentation guidance. This was rolled out to the management team for implementation.

Biostratigraphy Oil & Gas - Uganda

Recent oil discoveries in Lake Albert, Uganda have opened up a major new oil province. The Specialist Geology group in RPS have been providing biostratigraphic services to the operators in this area. Quantitative palynological analysis has enabled more accurate correlation and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of the complex fluvial/lacustrine reservoirs, helping to build more accurate reservoir models.

Oil & Gas - Russia

The Moscow office of RPS is supporting both Russian state-owned and international joint venture companies in their increasing exploration programmes in Western Siberia, providing Seismic Project Management, HSE services and Technical Field supervision.

Land Seismic Oil & Gas - Libya

RPS has been involved in one of the largest seismic exploration programmes in Libya in recent years, which used up to four different seismic crews, acquiring 2D and 3D data. RPS provided detailed 3D survey design, project management, data processing supervision, technical audits, field QC supervision and HSE advice. We have also provided specialist archaeological and Unexploded Ordnance advice to other clients in Libya.

Survey - Sakhalin Island Eastern Russia

RPS has provided operational support to several operators offshore Sakhalin with the installation of pipelines to gravity based platform installations and HSE management of associated vessel operations on major developments in the Okhotsk Sea

Oil & Gas - Offshore Ivory Coast, Africa

RPS was approached for guidance on drilling hazard assessments for an exploration drilling campaign in deep water. RPS carried out a regional geohazard desk study and subsequently a series of location specific Drilling Constraints Appraisals encompassing offset well reviews, seabed risk (infrastructure, slope stability), anchoring conditions, shallow soils and conductor setting, water flow and hydrate risks, structural and gas drilling hazards. The project was successful and the same approach was extended for a 20+ well drilling campaign.

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