Customer Responsibility

Customer Responsibility



Our Guiding Principles on Client Responsibility

RPS Group Plc aims to develop and maintain strong and lasting relationships with clients. We deliver all services and reports to the highest quality and specification within the time frame agreed and work with clients to anticipate and develop the scope of our professional assistance.

We provide employees with guidelines and encourage them to address or solve clients' problems by using their judgement to resolve issues whilst being mindful of the commercial framework within which the work is set.

We empower employees with responsibility and authority and encourage them to think outside their usual framework of professional reference to do what is right for the client.

We recognise that understanding the brief is fundamental to achieving success. We employ professionals with an in-depth understanding of each sector of the economy and encourage them to be fully commercially aware whilst taking into consideration clients' particular circumstances and challenges.

We encourage clients to give us feedback so we can benefit from their ideas, learn from our mistakes and take appropriate action.

We seek continuous improvement in our client relations in line with the best expectations of society.

We encourage employees to engage with clients proactively and to maintain a positive approach to communication and problem solving.


Our Client Care and Review Procedures

Within our quality management systems we operate a CP4 procedure which is described here below.


1.1 This process relates to the collection, assessment and monitoring of client satisfaction.


1.2 The objective of this process is to ensure that a constantly high level of service is provided to the client and that the company remains responsive to client needs and requests.


1.3 This process involves the regular review and monitoring by the IMS Management Team, with the assistance of relevant technical staff, of client satisfaction. It includes obtaining feedback from clients through a variety of means including correspondence and telephone records, project review and client feedback questionnaires.

1.4 The information obtained on client satisfaction is used to inform analysis by the Senior Management Team and the IMS Management Team of whether the results are consistent with the Quality Policy in the Manual. Where necessary amendments/improvements are made to procedures and implemented to achieve increased client satisfaction.

Stage/Project Completion

1.5 Definitive feedback is sought at various stages of a project; the end of a key project phase, at the end of the project or ongoing feedback throughout the project. This enables an overall assessment of performance to promote a focused approach to areas for development and implementation of changed processes. RPS Group sees all controls as an opportunity for two way involvement to proactively manage, review and improve our service and management practices.

1.6 Clients are asked to complete a questionnaire and give scores and comments for principal attributes such as:

Staff performance;


Health & Safety;

Client Awareness;



Cost Control; and


Where improvements are highlighted during this process through low scores, open and honest dialogue with the client will be sought to ascertain why. Methods to improve future performance.


CP4 - Client Care and Review Process Map


Activities & Processes Who Reference Key Deliverables
Review & Monitor Client Satisfaction

IMS Management Team

Project Manager

Project Brief

Client correspondence

Meeting Records

Telephone records



IMS Form 26

Fulfilment of Brief

Monitoring project results

Client feedback received

Client satisfaction interviews

Customer complaints


Senior Management Team

IMS Management Team

Quality Policy

Amendments to procedures/ improvements

Implement Improvements

All staff

Quality Policy

Annual Management Review report

Increased client satisfaction

Increased value

Increased business



The Client Feedback Form and Internal Feedback Form used within this procedure are also available to view if you click on the text links.