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Visual Impact Assessment & 3D Modelling

Visual Impact Assessment & 3D Modelling

RPS has developed an integrated set of technologies for the visual impact of a broad variety of development proposals.

The technologies of terrestrial scanning, airborne photogrammetry and our accredited survey accurate photomontages may be deployed in isolation or collectively in formulating the best practice solution.

The ultimate goal of the montage is to create an image that represents what the human eye would see from the location from both field of vision and depth of perception perspective.

The integrity of survey based measurements has a proven record of providing our clients with the highest level of accuracy and confidence.

RPS photomontage methodology

RPS’ photomontage methodology is a proprietary process developed in conjunction with Emeritus Professor John Fryer of the School of Engineering and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle.

The process seeks to mimic the geometry of the human eye, which in turn allows creation of a visually effective and mathematically reliable photomontage that would accurately demonstrate an observer’s line of sight and the impact of a proposed structure.

RPS visual simulations

Employing an integrated set of spatial disciplines such as digital photography, surveying, terrestrial scanning and photogrammetry, RPS can now create survey accurate real-time 3D models of development proposals with the visual realism and interactivity of a computer game.

Our Visual Impact Assessment services offer 3D visualisation and animation of development applications for:

Mining development and remediation staging

Road and rail corridor construction proposals

Proof of concept representation of residential, commercial and industrial estate developments

Infrastructure proposals such as windfarms

Court presentations and expert witness.