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Titling & Boundary Surveys

Titling & Boundary Surveys

RPS is highly experienced with titling and cadastral survey projects, and provides services to support the work of property and community developers, infrastructure providers and oil and gas producers.

We are specialists in land tenure and complex land dealings, as well as subdivision, land acquisition and community title. Our experience includes urban growth projects requiring complex titling solutions such as volumetric subdivision and layered body corporates.

In addition to our work across the urban growth sector, RPS Surveyors regularly undertake corridor resumption surveys, well-head lease surveys and pipeline easement surveys for the exploration of unconventional gas.

Our specialist titling advisors can provide innovative solutions to tenure and titling challenges, and have an extensive knowledge of the laws, policies and standards affecting property dealings and land administration.

We have the resources and capacity to service remote and challenging projects, as evidenced by our ongoing success in delivering large scale utilities, transport and energy projects across Australia.

RPS' titling services include:


Land holding and tenure advice

Disclosure / sales contract plans

Boundary Identification surveys

Secondary interests

Standard format subdivision

Building format subdivision

Volumetric Subdivision

Digital cadastral database (DCDB) upgrades

State land actions

Cultural heritage tenure surveys

Plans for secondary interests, for example exclusive use area plans

Leases of land

Easement surveys

Resumption plans

Survey plans for indigenous communities

Profit e Prendre plans

State land dealings.