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Subsurface Survey, Utility Detection & Mapping

Subsurface Survey, Utility Detection & Mapping

RPS’ subsurface survey, utility detection and mapping team uses best practice methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Whether locating subsurface utilities on busy streets, three dimensionally mapping subsurface assets on infrastructure projects, or supporting cultural heritage investigations, RPS offers an unmatched mix of subsurface capabilities coupled with a range of value-added consulting services.

RPS has pioneered a standards-based subsurface methodology in alignment with Australian Standard AS5488-2013 and American Society of Civil Engineers Standard (ASCE 38-02).

Our methodology involves the following key steps, many which are not traditionally offered by utility locators:

Pre-deployment investigations and mapping such as ‘Dial Before You Dig’

Field surveying and detection (ground survey, ground penetrating radar, electro-magnetic locating wands)

Consolidation of public and private data (schematic or positioned)

Verification and reporting of services using non-destructive digging and potholing

Integration of spatial or engineering datasets for GIS, BIM, facilities management and other applications

Underground utility mapping, information publishing, 3D modelling and visualisation.


Our services extend beyond traditional utility detection and include subsurface services to detect and map geophysical and archaeological assets including voids, geological and archaeological features and more. From our hubs in Sydney and Brisbane, RPS can deliver our subsurface survey and detection services nationally.

Our state-of-the-art technology includes:

Electro-Magnetic Location (EML) Equipment

Flexible Line Thread and Sonde

Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR)

Flexiprobe Pushrod Cameras


RPS works closely with project owners and managers, utility providers, designers, engineers, builders and contractors.


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