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LiDAR, Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry

LiDAR, Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry

RPS delivers a range of LiDAR, UAV and traditional Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry services.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology uses laser pulses to generate large amounts of data about terrain and landscape features.  RPS’ high definition full waveform LiDAR scanner can:

Map terrain in great detail at accuracies approaching ground survey

Capture detailed infrastructure such as power lines

Penetrate thick vegetation

Model the shape, height and density of vegetation, including detailed data below canopy level

Simultaneously capture digital aerial photography

Be flown safely at low altitudes over urban areas

Survey areas ranging from 100 hectares up to 10,000 sq km or more, with absolute accuracies ranging from 15cm for large area mapping projects to better than 5cm for detailed design projects.

Among potential applications are:

Preliminary design of powerlines, mines, farms and land developments

High accuracy surveys for design of pipelines, roads and railways

Geomorphological mapping and change detection assessments

Hydrological modelling including flood studies

Open cut mine mapping

3D Modelling and visualisation

Vegetation Mapping - RPS’ LiDAR sensor penetrates virtually any vegetation to provide high definition mapping of the ground and pulses reflect off the vegetation to provide a valuable model of that vegetation.

RPS takes great care to ensure data volumes are managed by providing a variety of derived products for different purposes as per individual project requirements.  A thinned version of the data is suitable for most applications and detailed data can be provided as required.

Data can be provided as a DTM, filtered DTM, or DEM, along with many other derived products.  RPS can also make raw or classified LiDAR data available to clients who are able to use these large datasets.

Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry

Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry is used to compile high accuracy discrete feature capture and imagery data sets.  Our photogrammetric operators are experienced in the production of:

Photogrammetric Mapping from the full range of available sensors at engineering standard

Full suite of derived products from imagery including DSM, DEM, Contours and terrain analysis

Large ortho mosaics from 10,000 sq km or more

High resolution imagery down to 2.5cm GSD

RGB and 4 band imagery

Hyper spectral mosaics

Medium format ortho imagery in conjunction with our Trimble AX60 LiDAR sensor

Terrestrial photogrammetry

3D modelling and fly-throughs

Snapshot imagery archives for compliance.

Aerial Photography and Photogrammetric Mapping is used in a wide variety of applications including:

Engineering design for transport and infrastructure

Asset management

Hazard assessments

Compliance assessment

Public consultation

Mining exploration

Vegetation condition assessments

Volumetric calculation of stockpiles, landfills and earthworks.