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Laser Scanning & Point Cloud Surveys

Laser Scanning & Point Cloud Surveys

RPS offers the latest in terrestrial laser scanning and point cloud surveys using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

We deliver highly detailed 3D data for use across multiple disciplines, allowing for rapid 3D documentation and design.

RPS is a leader in terrestrial laser scanning and point cloud surveys having a variety of laser scanning equipment in our fleet. These scanners range from high accuracy short range models with millimetre precision, to our mid-range high capture speed models capable of recording up to 1 million points per second, to our long range scanners with a reach of up to two kilometres record up to 25,000 points a second to centimetre accuracy

This no-impact, remote, “reflectorless” technology is ideally suited for surveys with WHS constraints, fragile or “zero impact” sites or where conventional single point survey methodologies can be too time consuming and cumbersome.

The speed of data capture, reduced safety requirements, scanner range and efficiency of field capture (a single scan takes approximately 10-15 minutes) can lead to significant time and cost savings. Each scan accurately observes multiple control stations, enabling all scans to be merged into a single dataset ensuring complete coverage of even the most complex of sites.

The 360° field of view enables complete site coverage and substantial simultaneous data collection beyond the immediate area of interest, often eliminating the need for additional site visits. Integration with digital cameras allows for “real life” photo colouring to be applied to every single point allowing for additional visualisation and analysis options.

Terrestrial laser scanning and point cloud surveys have a vast array of applications, including:

Archival Recording

As-Built Documentation

Asset and Facility Management

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Deformation Monitoring

Reverse Engineering

Stockpile Volumes