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Geodetic Control Surveys

Geodetic Control Surveys

Through expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, RPS delivers Geodetic Control Surveys with precision and accuracy.

Using the latest high end GNSS equipment along with other survey techniques, RPS is able to produce repeatable sub-centimetre measurements over short distances or even thousands of kilometres.

We have experience in high precision geodetic control for mines, heavy construction, large area mapping and modelling with LiDAR, long line service corridors in locations ranging from CBDs to remote locations and dealing with localised complex coordinate projections. RPS also has experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS).

RPS is also in consultation with Geoscience Austalia and DNRM (Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines) for Quality Assurance of Geodetic Control. Our measurements are incorporated into the state and national control adjustments and the results of these surveys are made publically available through DNRM, aiding both immediate and long term site works with a centralised database.

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