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GIS, Remote Sensing & Spatial Data Products

GIS, Remote Sensing & Spatial Data Products

RPS' specialist GIS and Remote Sensing Services team designs and delivers advanced GIS solutions for complex and large-scale projects.

We use the most appropriate tools and technologies to deliver these solutions in a practical and innovative way.

GeoSpatial Modelling

Much of the work we undertake involves GeoSpatial modelling, which can be summarised as the process of deriving valuable new information from existing mapping data.

Vegetation Assessments

RPS supports a wide range of projects including Environmental Impact Assessments, Forest Resource Mapping and Environmental Monitoring.

Terrain Modelling

We can assist with DEM extraction and processing as well as further analysis such as visual impact assessment, extraction of environmental variables and hydrological modelling.

3D Feature Modelling

Utilising LiDAR, aerial photography or designs, RPS can generate 3D models of buildings and landscapes and package these in a range of software to make the data immediately accessible to organisations who wish to visualise scenarios.

Remote Sensing Analysis

RPS can assess if satellite imagery is appropriate for a situation, determine the best imagery for that situation, and extract exactly the information required to meet project requirements. RPS uses its unique ability to integrate image analysis and GIS skills to provide the most accurate result, in the most efficient manner possible.

Project Support

RPS routinely provides GIS and cartographic support to large multi-disciplinary projects. Our role is typically to establish and manage the project GIS database, including the development of policies and procedures for data transfer, version control and metadata standards.

We understand the needs of the different disciplines on a project and work extensively with specialists in fields such as: Mining / Exploration, Environment, Urban Design / Planning, Surveying and Forestry.

GeoSpatial Software

Our staff are familiar with a range of spatial software applications including industry standard GIS applications such as the ESRI suite, web based content delivery, and more specialised software such as Terrasolid and Inpho suites. We can assist with


Independent product evaluation and advice


RPS is in partnership with MicroImages whose flagship product for geospatial analysis is TNTmips.

Spatial Data Products

In addition to our extensive data capture services, RPS offers a comprehensive range of off the shelf spatial data products including:

Detailed contours, digital elevation models (DEM’s) and triangulated irregular networks (TIN’s)

Satellite and aerial imagery

Topographic data

Cadastral and administrative boundaries

Environmental data

RPS can assess which spatial data products are appropriate for a project and then supply these products in any preferred format.