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Digital Terrain Modelling, Volume & Feature Surveys

Digital Terrain Modelling, Volume & Feature Surveys

The location of accurate surface models, site features, and utility services is essential for effective design on all projects.

RPS has extensive technical expertise in data capture on these surveys using robotic instruments, RTK GPS equipment, terrestrial scanning, UAV and LiDAR.

As specialists in producing high quality 3D models in most major software formats, we are flexible with coding formats, final presentation and spatial data management to suit the requirements of any project.

Our experience ranges from residential communities, urban in-fill sites and high-rise development through to major infrastructure projects and oil, gas and mining & quarrying projects.

We also offer the latest in Terrestrial Scanning and UAV photogrammetry which allows us to conduct high-speed, contact free collection of survey data and deliver a range of applications for high risk and difficult to access sites.

Our terrestrial scanner utilises laser technology to provide high density, survey-accurate data to enable complex modelling and interrogation of existing structures. We are currently using this technology for a range of road, tunnelling and urban growth and unconventional gas projects.

RPS’ specialist Mapping and GIS team have one of the most state of the art high definition LiDAR scanners in Australia.

RPS Digital Terrain Modelling services include:


Contour and detail surveys

Volume / quantities / stockpile surveys

Well-head and gathering pipeline surveys

Water containment design

Monitoring and settlement surveys.