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Construction & Engineering Surveys

Construction & Engineering Surveys

Supporting engineers and builders to design, construct and maintain with accuracy

RPS has a detailed knowledge of construction techniques and methodologies and the surveying applications required to support them.

We are well equipped to satisfy even the most challenging operational requirements, drawing on our experience in surveying for construction and infrastructure projects including roads, dams, buildings, excavations, mechanical installations and pipelines.

With teams located in remote and regional areas throughout Australia, we are uniquely positioned to provide surveying services for all infrastructure and resource projects.

RPS engineering and construction surveying services include:


Provision of survey control networks

Initial contour and detail surveys

Earthworks setout

Conformance surveys of completed earthworks, pads, road boxing and construction layers

Pavement setout, as constructed and conformance

Monitoring and subsidence surveys

Detail setout for batters, drainage and trenching

Volumetric calculations

Survey audits, QA checks and as constructed surveys of completed works

Provision of survey personnel for siteworks, overload and leave replacement.