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Supportive Software

Supportive Software

Safety and risk professionals face intense pressure to capture and assess information in a timely manner. To simplify the process, RPS has sourced practical, user-friendly and industry specific software to complement our services.


RPS is a licensed provider of BowTieXP software, training and consulting to clients around the globe.

BowTie methodology is commonly preferred for the facilitation and recording of risk assessments relating to hazardous facilities. Bowties and BowTieXP provide a visual qualitative or semi-qualitative approach to assessing risks and their management. Using this method allows a clear understanding of the "top event" and associated controls and responsibilities. It assists in simplifying complicated scenarios and can be tailored to suit each process to aid understanding at all levels of an organisation.

Recognising RPS' achievements and reputation in BowTie consultancy, CGE Risk Management Solutions has appointed RPS as the official global BowTieXP Training Solutions developer and provider.

RPS offers:

Qualitative Risk Assessment using BowTie diagrams

Training courses on Risk Assessment using BowTieXP methodology

Software licences, support and maintenance.

For further information on BowTieXP, link here.



RPS is also a licensed provider of AuditXP software which can be used to monitor the performance of safety barriers.

AuditXP allows questions to be attached to the technical and behavioural barriers that have a direct impact on safety, as well as the underlying management systems that implement and maintain barriers.

Investigator 3

RPS now provides one of the world's leading incident investigation methods through the software solution Investigator 3. With over 20 years' experience in incident investigation, Kelvin TOPSET® has worked with CGE Risk Management Solutions to produce this powerful and professional new incident investigation and analysis software. As an ideal tool for high potential, complex incidents, the software combines the three best practice incident investigation and analysis methods - Kelvin TOPSET® methodology, root cause analysis, and Tripod analysis - in one single tool with a Microsoft integration feature.

Investigator 3 supports all the stages of the incident investigation process, from initially identifying what happened, the TOPSET® planning phase, through the storyboard timeline, the causal analysis process and to writing the recommendations and reports. It allows incorporation of photos and full details into the investigation file itself.


is a software tool that guides users through all phases of incident investigation and analysis, suitable for low risk incidents and near misses. This simplified software walks you through investigations in less than an hour, covering essential questions and providing diagrams, reports and recommendations based on the information entered.

HSE Case Browser

RPS has developed the HSE Case Browser software to end the “big document on a shelf” perception of HSE Cases. The software provides an up to date, secure and interactive access to our clients’ HSE cases on any internet device in the world.

The website enables a truly “live” and interactive document experience that provides an enhanced understanding of the key information and requirements included within an HSE Case. This is achieved through a detailed searching and filtering interface on the documents and the risk assessments.

It can also provide links from your HSE Case to other related electronic HSE Management System documentation.

By purchasing a hosting and maintenance licence to access the HSE Browser online users will have:

A customised website page with unique hostname and login page providing company specific corporate imagery

Access to all your uploaded HSE Cases that is password protected and encrypted on any internet enabled device

Ability to search the HSE Case to quickly find specific information including:

Interactively viewing BowTie analysis to easily select and display information about major hazards and their controls

Searching and filtering the Major Hazard register – to display the BowTie major hazards in a dynamic expanding and collapsing tabular format like a traditional hazard register

Browsing through and filtering all of the contents of the major hazard register and displaying results related to the control measures

Browsing the major hazard register based on a chosen responsible person which has been allocated ownership or responsibility for controls

Viewing individual control measures to show data from the risk assessment including, effectiveness, safety critical ratings, linked electronic resources and documents

An effective and searchable HSE Case document manager that allows HSE Case and other linked documents to be searched and viewed online within the web browser

A high quality online document viewer designed for low bandwidth environments that allow users to search documents and make annotations for comments and change requests

Ongoing support and maintenance of the website and HSE Case.

To discuss your organisation's safety and risk management software needs, please contact our team.

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