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Environmental remediation projects

Environmental remediation projects

RPS is a leading provider of technical, advisory and project management services for environmental remediation and a specialist in per- and poly fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) projects.

Since the 1950s, manufactured chemicals known as PFAS have been utilised in the production of industrial and consumer products - most notably firefighting foam - for their heat, stain and water resistance properties.

With recent research revealing the potential for significant health and ecological impacts from the accumulation of PFAS in water and soils, RPS is assisting clients across a number of industries to investigate and remediate PFAS-contaminated land and water resources.

Unique in our ability to combine full service project management with in-house communications, policy, legislation, planning and environmental services capability, our team of more than 50 specialists can craft end-to-end remediation service solutions to meet your specific environmental remediation project needs.

We work with

Government departments and regulators

Defence organisations and suppliers

Airlines and aviation sector clients 

Environmental remediation contractors

Local communities.

We drive environmental remediation project success through:

Environmental investigation management

Technical services for environment, soils and water

Remediation project programming

Cost and risk management

Contract administration

Stakeholder engagement and communications

Policy, governance and legislative compliance advice

Response management.

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Timothy Cope

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