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Environmental Modelling

Environmental Modelling

RPS APASA is a leading provider of high-quality environmental modelling services to support offshore and coastal industries.

For more than a decade, we have been at the forefront of development and application of computer modelling and analysis tools for the assessment of impacts in marine and freshwater environments.

RPS APASA is highly experienced with supporting environmental impact assessment and engineering development projects, working independently or as part of multi-disciplinary teams. Our blend of expertise in oceanography, environmental engineering, marine ecology and hydrodynamic modelling ensures that we provide scientifically robust and cutting edge solutions.

RPS APASA provides specialised environmental modelling and analysis to support the following sectors:

Oil & Gas

Quantitative oil spill risk assessments

24/7 emergency response modelling services for oil, gas and chemical spills - see

Guidance for search and rescue or recovery of lost materials

Discharge fate assessments for produced water, hydrotest dewatering, thermal and other wastewater discharges

Fate assessment for drill cuttings and drilling fluids

Serving of metocean forecast data for situation awareness and input to analysis

Supply and training for oil and chemical spill modelling software

Industry & Resource Development

Dredging fate assessments

Hydrodynamic and wave climate change

Industrial outfall assessment, including fates of thermal, brine and wastewater discharges

Waterway flushing and water quality studies

Metocean data delivery for situation awareness during construction and operations

Remote sensing analysis for impact assessment and monitoring

Key Contact

Murray Burling

Murray Burling   |   Executive General Manager - Energy Services and Ocean Science  |   Send Email

Sasha Zigic

Sasha Zigic   |   Manager - Gold Coast, RPS APASA  |   Send Email