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Environmental Management

Environmental Management

RPS is a trusted environmental management services provider.

We work with clients on strategy development, the implementation of operational management plans, development of environmental management plans, compliance investigation and advice, environmental auditing, and performance reporting.

Audit & Risk

RPS provides a national team of ISO 14001 qualified auditors to assist our clients to effectively implement and maintain their Environmental Management Systems for regulatory and legal compliance, standards certification and environmental due diligence. Our services include management and auditing of environmental performance for large and small projects alike, with our assessment and advice linked to each project’s operational environmental management plans and approvals.

Bushfire Assessment & Planning

A preliminary site inspection and information review by an RPS bushfire expert can identify potential constraints before investment in comprehensive design and planning studies occur. As one of a limited number of companies with qualified and accredited bushfire practitioners, RPS has undertaken commissions across Australia for a range of ecosystems and project purposes. Our services include Bushfire Threat Assessments, Bushfire Hazard Management Plans, and Bushfire Risk Management Plans.

Management Planning

Environmental management planning (EMP) services are provided to a wide range of industry sectors and with a diversity of outcome-driven purposes for clients. This can be in the context of general project EMP, specific construction EMP, project closure EMP or rehabilitation and restoration EMP. Our team of environmental experts are able to establish systems and processes to ensure the environmental risks are addressed and regulatory compliance is achieved. We deliver superior outcomes which may include training the client workforce and/or working within client delivery teams to ensure compliance with environmental management plans. We aim to help our clients mitigate financial and program delay risks resulting from environmental management issues, whilst ensuring project compliance and the most appropriate environmental stewardship.


RPS has extensive experience in environmental monitoring in a wide range of ecosystems, across a wide range of environmental disciplines and for a wide range of projects and project purposes. We provide spatial and/or temporal monitoring services for soils, water, air, noise, fauna, and flora, and we routinely provide detailed data collation, data analysis and data interpretation.

Our team of professionals has extensive monitoring and interpretation experience that ensures a comprehensive monitoring service for clients regardless of technical discipline. RPS provides monitoring services to many clients including those in the ports and infrastructure, oil and gas, mining, transport and government sectors. We have a thorough understanding of industry and regulatory requirements enabling our monitoring programs to be set in and designed around the most appropriate compliance, auditing and environmental management outcome for our clients.

Rehabilitation & Restoration

Rehabilitation requires a sound ecological foundation, local knowledge and planning, followed by practical, common sense implementation and a dedicated monitoring program. RPS’ geographic spread, breadth of experience, technical understanding and quality service means we are a leading choice for rehabilitation and restoration services.


RPS helps clients navigate the complex and changing regulatory issues around offsets, and can assist to implement practical and cost-effective solutions. We provide services at all stages in the offsets process from initial ecological and ecosystem assessment to offsets calculation and property management. We also have agreements in place to enable partnership with Earthtrade and Greening Australia, if required, to provide an even more comprehensive vegetation offsets service.

Key Contact

Laurence Liessmann

Laurence Liessmann   |   Environment Manager  |   Send Email

Laurence is an environmental scientist with over 14 years’ experience in environmental consulting across Queensland. Experienced in environmental investigations and project management for a wide range of sectors and client types, Laurence has led environmental projects for mining, utilities, defence, urban development and all levels of government. His expertise covers numerous aspects of environmental consulting including aquatic/terrestrial ecology, water quality, contaminated land and acid sulphate soils.

David Sim

David Sim   |   General Manager - Environment & Water  |   Send Email

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas   |   Senior Executive - Environment  |   Send Email