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Ecological Services

Ecological Services

RPS undertakes multidisciplinary ecological surveys, risk-based impact assessment and monitoring studies to achieve pragmatic, environmentally responsible and cost effective outcomes for clients. We provide these services to a range of clients across a range of community and industry sectors including energy and resource companies, land developers, infrastructure providers and local, state and federal government bodies.

Our specialist capabilities include terrestrial flora and fauna ecology, wetland and riverine ecology, and marine ecology. In these ecosystems we have conducted investigations and assessments with respect to: fauna and vegetation species; fauna and vegetation communities; species of ecological significance; endemism; habitat integrity and significance; matters of national or international environmental significance; water and sediment quality; migratory species; impact assessment and mitigation; ecosystem buffer determination and management; ecological offsets; feral and weed species; and, targeted species searches.

Ecological studies are a pre-requisite to developing environmental sensitivity maps, predicting impacts and assessing the likely success of rehabilitation programs. Our ecological assessments assist with project design and the environmental assessment process for projects.

With a sound ecological foundation, we also provide a practical and integrated approach to landscape restoration and management considering soil, fire, water, weed, vegetation and fauna management.

Services include:

Species impact statements and management plans

Aquatic flora and fauna surveys and assessments

Assessing the effects of dredging programs

Flora and fauna legislation referrals, appraisals and applications

Design and implementation of pre- and post-development environmental monitoring programs

Botanical surveys and plant community mapping with GIS

Marine biological research assessments (fish, plankton, water and sediments, mammals, turtles)

Marine, coastal and intertidal habitat mapping with GIS

Terrestrial and subterranean fauna studies

Wetland and riverine ecological survey and habitat assessment/management

Rehabilitation programs

Biodiversity surveys and investigation of significant species/communities.

Key Contact

Arne Bishop

Arne Bishop   |   Ecology Manager  |   Send Email

Laurence Liessmann

Laurence Liessmann   |   Environment Manager  |   Send Email

Laurence is an environmental scientist with over 14 years’ experience in environmental consulting across Queensland. Experienced in environmental investigations and project management for a wide range of sectors and client types, Laurence has led environmental projects for mining, utilities, defence, urban development and all levels of government. His expertise covers numerous aspects of environmental consulting including aquatic/terrestrial ecology, water quality, contaminated land and acid sulphate soils.

Jeremy Fitzpatrick

Jeremy Fitzpatrick   |   Business Director - Environment (Energy and Resources)  |   Send Email