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Climate Change Resilience

Climate Change Resilience

The public and private sectors are increasingly aware that sustainability and climate change present both difficult challenges and significant opportunities.

RPS is a recognised leader in sustainability and climate resilience, and can help you develop innovative strategies to respond to these challenges and opportunities.

RPS’s sustainability and climate change team has direct experience in over 50 projects in climate risk and resilience covering critical infrastructure, private property developments and investment portfolios.

Key services include climate modelling, risk analysis and assessment, climate adaptation and resilience planning and embedding organisational change.

Our core strength is our ability to identify the complex climate risks and provide tangible measures for adaptation.

RPS helps clients to understand climate change vulnerability and improve resilience through:

Enabling organisations to become climate savvy through climate modelling and mapping

Making assets climate resilient

Helping embed adaptation into key decision-making

Strengthening community resilience

Benchmarking company and public sector climate response

Supporting training, education and awareness raising of climate sensitivity within organisations