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Urban Economics

Urban Economics

RPS Economists provide research and advice to support the work of organisations who grow and enhance our towns and cities. 

Australia’s population is projected to grow to 36 million people by 2050. This growth will largely be accommodated in urban environments, with towns and cities across the country expanding to provide people with a place to live and work. Growing the population and economy sustainably, while maintaining and enhancing our quality of living, will require new infrastructure, housing, commercial developments, and commercial and social facilities. This will place pressure on government and private sector resources but will also create new opportunities.

Our Economics team has robust, national experience in providing economic advice relating to projects in urban environments.

RPS Economists offer services including:

Market assessments for property developments

Need/demand assessments for transport and public infrastructure

Supply audits and competition analysis

Development/operation positioning

Market profiling and segmentation

Price point and product mix

Development contribution plans

Development/infrastructure project viability

Retail need and sustainability assessments.

RPS provides economic analysis and advice to support sectors and industries including:

Residential/master planned communities

Medium and high density residential developments

Retail/shopping centre/bulky goods developments

Retirement villages/aged care

Industrial land

Health including hospitals, health precincts, medical suites

Commercial and government offices

Tourism including hotels/serviced apartments, caravan parks, resorts, marinas, business events, conventions

Mining/energy projects including economic impact statements, accommodation requirements, supply chain analysis.