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Regulatory Economics

Regulatory Economics

Economic insights for effective policies, positive programs and efficient regulations

Governments have a critical role to play in providing an efficient and effective regulatory and policy environment. The goal of regulation should be to achieve the underlying objective while continuing to encourage and facilitate activity, dynamism and growth.

Regulation is, however, incredibly complex, with a myriad of contributing factors determining whether goals and objectives are achieved or whether adverse or unforeseen consequences occur.

Understanding the potential social and economic implications of the implementation of regulation and policy is therefore critical to ensuring its practical operation.

Our team offers a range of services to support all levels of government in the formulation and implementation of policies and regulations.

RPS Economists provide service including: 

Program and policy development

Social/Economic Impact Assessments of policies and regulations

Utilities (water, wastewater, power) research

Cost Benefit Analysis

Land Use Zoning Optimisation

Policy submissions and responses.