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Corporate Strategy & Advice

Corporate Strategy & Advice

Economic analysis and advice for business success

In the current climate, organisations of all types are increasingly requiring rigorous evidence and sound defensible approaches to make strategic decisions. This is particularly the case for investments or decisions relating to funding of assets, where risks can be considerable.

Economic thinking now permeates all aspects of corporate strategy. It forms the foundation of internal and external business cases and funding applications, underpins property, marketing and business strategies, and provides a framework for identifying corporate opportunities and challenges.

Our Economics team has the practical expertise to apply economic tools and thinking to assist organisations in all matters of corporate strategy. We work collaboratively with our clients and tailor outputs to meet the requirements of either internal decision makers (such as senior executives or boards) or third parties audiences (such as banks and government agencies).

RPS Economists can assist you with:

Business case development

Business and strategic planning

Funding and tender submissions

Property portfolio analysis and optimisation

Property and asset strategies

Project evaluation and cost-benefit analysis

Development hot spot and site selection

Customer and workforce analysis

Market strategies

Marketing material research content

Investment due diligence

Prospectus and business opportunity profiles.