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Community Economics

Community Economics

Analysis and advice for strong, prosperous communities

Economic thinking is being increasingly applied to address social, community and demographic issues. The corporatisation of the not-for-profit sector over the past decade, coupled with a greater requirement for statistical evidence in funding applications to all levels of government, has seen community and socio-economic analysis become more prominent.

Additionally, demographic issues such as population growth, ageing and changes in household sizes, fertility rates and life expectancies are impacting the way in which the private sector invests, develops and operates. This can vary from understanding future population growth projections within an area to how age and housing factors influence demand for retirement villages, aged care facilities and ancillary health services.

RPS possesses unique expertise in the application of economic principles and methodologies to social and community issues and projects.

RPS Economists can providing services and support for communities including:

Population and age projections

Demographic, community and socioeconomic profiling

Social impact assessments

Community/health facility need assessments

Local ageing strategies

Local prosperity and quality of life indicators and measures.