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Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

RPS integrate stakeholder and community engagement during the early stages of the project cycle to help clients test propositions, refine options, manage risks and move projects forward with confidence.

We have more than 20 years experience of delivering community and stakeholder engagement to support infrastructure planning and assessment, and corporate strategy setting, for clients across Australia’s east coast. We understand how to work in integrated teams to gain stakeholder input at critical project milestones, and can communicate complex, technically-driven solutions in ways that foster stakeholder acceptance and advocacy.

We also intertwine community engagement with corporate strategy development particularly around pricing, environmental regulation, customer experience, sustainability and climate change adaptation.

Engagement strategy and planning

We develop high- level strategies to position the purpose, role and value of stakeholder and community engagement in any project. We also design detailed action plans outlining stakeholders, issues, tools, messages and processes for the successful implementation of engagement activities.

Community and stakeholder engagement

We work with stakeholders, ranging from government regulators to local community groups, to build advocacy, achieve approvals, enhance reputation and improve project or service outcomes. We do this by:

Organising, facilitating and reporting on deliberative panels, stakeholder workshops and focus groups.

Project-managing qualitative and quantitative research programs.

Planning and implementing consultation forums, both in person and online.

Leading tailored engagement programs to support large Environmental Assessments.

Developing public materials that explain the project background, benefits and forward process.


Working with our Creative Services team we create high-quality print and online collateral to support community engagement activities and aid public understanding of projects. This includes:

Leaflets, brochures, newsletters and exhibition stands.

Websites and interactive PDFs

Information graphics

User-friendly, interactive maps

Social impact assessment

We undertake thorough assessment of the social and economic impacts of project proposals, strategies and plans, integrating assessment methodologies with stakeholder engagement to enhance effectiveness.