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Social Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure is vital for the safety, development and functioning of our community. It includes facilities for health, education, public safety, justice and corrections, housing and entertainment and tourism.

As the demand for high-quality social infrastructure rapidly increases, government is increasingly seeking innovation from private sector participants to deliver enhanced value-for-money services.

Governments around the world continue to explore opportunities to link private sector payments to achievement of measurable ‘results’ for delivering exceptional outcomes that are sometimes difficult to fully prescribe in contractual terms. This approach to ‘payment by results’ is enabling private sector participants to differentiate themselves and provides a mechanism for continual improvement beyond current expectations and is particularly relevant to long-term asset and service delivery arrangements.

In addition, social infrastructure solutions must not only be commercially viable, but also be sensitive to the often complex requirements of users and adaptable to change over the life of the asset. The success of these projects is essential to serving the evolving needs of the community and, therefore, requires long-term and progressive vision and planning.

RPS provides a range services that help maximise value throughout the infrastructure project investment lifecycle. Whether it is during the early strategic planning phases or helping to achieve better commercial outcomes from renegotiation of operating service contracts, Our practical commercial and management skills continue to be in strong demand and are highly valued by clients. RPS understand the key value drivers in the initiation and development of major infrastructure transactions and has been able to deliver successful business outcomes for our clients on major social infrastructure projects across the country.

RPS has advised on a range of social infrastructure projects including key roles in planning, development, procurement and delivery of prisons, hospitals, aged care, convention centres, courts, offices, distribution centres and maintenance facilities.

Image Credit: Andrew Worssam