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Public Transport

Public Transport

Public Transport provides people with mobility and access to employment, community resources, medical care and recreational opportunities. It also helps reduce road congestion and travel times, air pollution, and energy and oil consumption, all of which benefit users and non-users alike.


Effective planning for public transport networks is undertaken at four levels. These are:

Master plan and strategic decisions to address objectives, network strategies, transport system integration and key policy (eg. who pays and how much)

Market analysis to assess demand and selection of strategies to meet demand

Determination of system characteristics including the network and infrastructure needed, procurement of services and financing

System operation including its management, quality of service, marketing and efficiency.

Administration of public transport networks is challenging because of growing demand and resource constraints.

To address this road administrations and service providers require sophisticated governance and processes to:

Plan and manage the network

Focus on the needs of customers

Prioritise investments and monitor performance

Develop and deliver capital works program to address growth

Operate the network and manage incidents

Maintain the asset's value and condition so that it is fit for service.

  • RPS brings significant depth of experience and demonstrated performance in the administration of public transport networks, infrastructure and the integration of modes.

    Our team has high level capability to assist clients with strategic advice, and support for infrastructure development, infrastructure delivery and asset management of public transport systems. Our service streams detail the broad extent of our capability.

    RPS provides a range services that help maximise value throughout the infrastructure project investment lifecycle. Whether it is during the early strategic planning phase or whilst helping achieve better commercial outcomes from re-negotiation of operating service contracts.

    Our practical commercial and management skills continue to be in strong demand and are highly valued by our clients. We understand the key value drivers in the procurement of major public transport infrastructure transactions and have been able to deliver successful business outcomes for our clients.

    Our team has had leading advisory roles supporting clients to develop and deliver heavy and light rail projects across the country, port expansions in Sydney and Melbourne and airport upgrades in Sydney and Brisbane.

    Our rail specialists have extensive practical knowledge of rolling stock, rail operations and maintenance services. Our wider ranging support roles in public transport include rail extensions, light rail augmentation, inter-modal development, rail and rolling stock maintenance and customer service contracts (including integrated ticketing).

    Image Credit: Transport for NSW