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TradeCoast Central, Brisbane, QLD

TradeCoast Central, Brisbane, QLD

TradeCoast Central is an exemplar sustainable industrial development which features innovative solutions to the planning, design and operation of industrial precincts.

TradeCoast Central is a highly accessible 136 hectare development that will accommodate 40 to 45 industrial and warehouse developments across six stages. The estate also features a Community and Services Hub providing restaurant facilities and open space to the local workforce and visitors.

RPS has worked collaboratively with the developer and Brisbane City Council to undertake the masterplanning of the site, in order to preserve and interpret three sites of heritage significance whilst maximising the commercial outcomes available. The planning approval process has established a site specific design code that includes extensive sustainability provisions in the subdivision and in the design of each building.

TradeCoast Central's infrastructure networks have applied cutting edge efficiency solutions and have provided demonstrable reductions in water use through integrated water management systems. The design code encompass on-going environmental management systems, high-tech energy control systems and indigenous landscaping that have created a distinctive "business park" character across the estate.

RPS' survey team has been involved since this project's inception, and configured a Community Title Scheme which supports this new model of sustainable industrial development.

The survey team was also involved in the initial location of the three sites of heritage significance, being the World War II aviation and heritage in the Allison Testing Stands and Hangar 7, and the foundations and remains of the convict-era Eagle Farm Women's Prison and Factory.

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