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Toodyay Sport and Recreation Facility Needs Assessment and Business Case, WA

Toodyay Sport and Recreation Facility Needs Assessment and Business Case, WA

Adjoining Perth’s expanding urban fringe, the peri-urban lifestyle community of Toodyay is expected to experience significant increases in the need for community services and facilities as the population grows and ages.

RPS was engaged to prepare a needs assessment and business case exploring options to meet the growing needs of the region through the development of a new recreational precinct.

With existing sporting facilities no longer suiting the community’s needs and alternative sites such as the showground too small to meet future demand, data was needed to help Council determine the best approach for the new precinct’s development.

An independent economic evaluation by RPS found that the project will provide significant positive economic return and lead to greater expenditure within the local community. This will in turn support the development of much needed local employment opportunities.

Our study revealed that investment in new community and recreation precinct facilities will help the Toodyay realise a number of key economic benefits, including:

Increased capacity for the region to attract and retain young adults and families while reversing the considerable loss of residents aged in their 30s that has been experienced over the past decade;

The ability to attract visitation from the wider region by increasing the town’s capacity to host a larger variety of events and functions, such as basketball, netball and swimming events;

Improvements to the health and wellbeing of Toodyay residents and a reduction in the travel required to access comparable facilities;

Improvement to the overall amenity of the town and a corresponding ability to encourage private investment; and

Reductions in the cost burden of maintaining multiple facilities at numerous locations through the delivery of a single, multi-use space.

Our team’s analysis also included a needs assessment which explored the potential usage of a range of different facilities options and the operational implications of each. Once a preferred option was identified, we've worked with the client to develop a strategy for attracting State and Commonwealth Government funding partners.

In partnership with the Wheatbelt Development Commission, RPS has developed a funding submission for infrastructure works, the development of a funding submission and business case for the Commonwealth Government as well as implementation plans. The project is under consideration for funding by the State and Commonwealth governments. 

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