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South East QLD Land Cover Map, QLD

South East QLD Land Cover Map, QLD

RPS was commissioned by NRM group, SEQ Catchments, to map land cover and land use using an integrated approach of satellite remote sensing and GIS modelling. Sophisticated techniques were used to combine the multi-spectral analysis of SPOT-5 satellite imagery with other geographic information, including LiDAR, to produce an accurate and up-to-date Land Cover map over the whole South East Queensland region.

Spectral analysis was used to map the landscape into four Primary Classes - Trees, Non-Tree Vegetation, Non-Vegetated Surfaces and Water with a very high level of accuracy.

Expert based GIS rules were used to sub-divide the Primary Classes into Secondary Classes using the externally sourced spatial information such as landuse, zoning, forestry, agriculture and vegetation, roads and powerlines. For example the Primary class, Trees, was allocated to secondary classes Plantation, Orchard or Native Vegetation depending on Landuse and Vegetation maps.

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