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Rio Tinto Rail Bore Redevelopment and Testing, Pilbara, WA

Rio Tinto Rail Bore Redevelopment and Testing, Pilbara, WA

Rio Tinto Railways Division has an ongoing program to repair and upgrade their rail access roads that run alongside their various mineral transport railway lines in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

These re-sheeting and repair works require water supplies to enable construction to take place. It was hoped that groundwater supplies for this work could be obtained from existing bores that were previously drilled and completed for use in the construction of these railways.

RPS was asked to assist in the location, assessment, rehabilitation and test pumping of existing water bores so that they could be re-commissioned and used for water supplies for rail access road repair and upgrade. The work undertaken involved the following:

A ground-truthing site visit was undertaken to assess the initial condition of the bores including depth, location, access, headworks condition and possible sedimentation

Assistance in the preparation and evaluation of tenders for CCTV inspection, airlifting and test pumping contracts

Hydrogeological supervision, interpretation and reporting of CCTV inspection and airlifting work

Hydrogeological direction, interpretation and reporting of test pumping work, including assessment of individual bore yields and recommendations as to sustainable pumping rates

Recommendations and design for pump specifications and long term bore management.

As a result of this work, a total of 19 bores were rehabilitated and brought back into use for construction work preventing extra costs that would have been incurred on re-drilling.

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