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Providence, South Ripley Ipswich, QLD

Providence, South Ripley Ipswich, QLD

The Ripley Valley Structure Plan is a key component in the delivery of the South East Queensland (SEQ) Regional Plan. The 100 square kilometre area will house over 50,000 dwellings with an ultimate population of 120,000, making the Ripley Valley one of the largest new city plans in Australia.

In 2005 a consortium including DPZ Pacific, Roberts Day NSW and RPS representatives were commissioned by Ipswich City Council to prepare the strategy and structure plan for Ripley Valley. RPS representatives were responsible for team management, coordination, graphic design, workshop co-ordination and the delivery of the Ripley Valley Planning Framework and Structure Plan.

RPS remains involved in the delivery of the strategy for a number of key landholders in the valley including Providence. The 670 hectares of Providence will be home to 20,000 people, or 7,000 dwellings, with almost 200 hectares devoted to green space. It will include a substantial mixed use centre with major retail and commercial tenants, a central public plaza, civic town park, urban-living apartments and a host of education, health, sporting, recreation and community facilities and supporting infrastructure.

RPS has delivered from visioning through to detailed design and the design team collaborates closely with our urban planning, and land survey service lines in the delivery of the Providence community.


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