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Priority Sewerage Program, Sydney, NSW

Priority Sewerage Program, Sydney, NSW

In February 1997, the NSW Government announced the Priority Sewerage Program (PSP), which nominated 16 villages with high environmental sensitivity for improved sewerage services. In 2002, Sydney Water established an alliance to deliver the remaining sewerage schemes under this first stage of the PSP, the Upper Blue Mountains Sewerage Scheme and now three schemes within stage two.

The PSP is a key component of the NSW Government’s Waterways Package, a $3 billion package designed to address wastewater and stormwater problems by 2021. Improved sewage management services are designed to achieve significant environmental, social and health improvements in areas previously unsewered.

Works being delivered include new advanced sewage treatment plants, upgrades to existing sewage treatment plants, numerous sewage pumping stations, sewerage transfer and reticulation pipelines, and property works.

RPS manages and implements all the environmental and community roles on this challenging and exciting program with people at all levels, from team leaders to site officers.

Key achievements included

Fully integrating environment into the design process and preparing environmentally sensitive area plans, which are now a routine part of planning and approvals

Pioneering innovative ‘Customer Home Plans’. These are individual agreements with each customer on the works occurring on their property, which resulted in outstanding outcomes in customer satisfaction surveys and community feedback

Achieving Key Result Area results of 95 per cent for customer satisfaction and 90 per cent for environmental management.

Developing and establishing stakeholder databases to improve customer communications

Cross-fertilising ideas and initiatives from communications to environment to ensure they are realised


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